Its a buzz of activity at the newspaper distribution point in the early mornings at many neighbourhoods. The flurry of activity includes the newspaper agent receiving the morning stock of newspaper & magazines from all the publications according to his running order, then sorting them to each newspaper delivery man who goes around in his bicycle (mostly) to drop these papers & mags at respective homes, and take back the pending / undistributed ones for either retailing or for returning them to the respective publications.

They also, many a times, make additional revenue by taking the marketing handbills / flyers to be stuffed inside a particular paper brand for marketing purposes and the same getting delivered along with the morning papers.


One comment on “Newspapers”

  1. One example of behind the scene work of many people that culminates into something easy for us in our daily life.

    Lot of people, when they pick up their morning newspaper, do not realize that it is the result of thousands working late in the night and thousands more working very early in the morning (2.30 AM – 3.00 AM).

    Haven’t we read stories of many successful people who have worked as newspaper boys in early part of their career or in their childhood?

    Warren Buffet is one classic example – he worked as a newspaper boy in 1943.

    In the famous Ayn Rand novel “The Fountain Head” one of the principal characters starts off as a newspaper boy and grows to become a media baron.


    Ram: Truly inspiring ….


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