Add the shruti …..

… this place in Sowcarpet makes new ones, repairs old Harmoniums, shruti boxes and the works. They have a range of services to offer in terms of the musical instruments like Banjo’s, tabla’s and more percussion instruments too.

One could find them in Mint street, near the new sunshine hotel.

4 comments on “Add the shruti …..”

  1. Man, I am learning new stuff about chennai everyday. Conitnue the good work…
    Please link my blog, if you don’t mind.

    Ram : The pics in your Blog Laks Frames are brilliant man … can’t avoid giving a link to yours .. 🙂


  2. Nice…. we all took the pic okay but when did u ask them this info anna??

    Ram : The shopkeeper gave a quick brief when i clicked him ….


  3. super post dude

    Ram : Thanks


  4. What these people create and repair is music to our ears.

    Ram : Ha haa 🙂 very true …..


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