Wealth from Waste ….

… Obviously they don’t make a wealth out of waste, but mostly a living out of waste. The industry is one full cycle starting from picking garbages, sorting and selling them, transporting and reselling them to recyclers. Actually they clean the nation and avoid garbage dumping in many ways, if not for them, the civic body would be still reeling under pressure for garbage segregation and re-use.

One such person packing the segregated garbage and transporting to the wholesale buyer before recycling @ Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore.

3 comments on “Wealth from Waste ….”

  1. My goodness, he’s got quite a load. Hope it doesn’t fall off!


  2. At the end of the day, at least it helps to re-cycle some waste, especially those plastics.
    good post and hope these guys make enough to make a living out of this.


  3. Go GREEN! Goo for him! I hope he make some good money for his hard and important work!


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