…. the people in India wish their teacher’s today and celebrate it as Teacher’s day aka the Birthday of Dr S Radhakrishnan.

The immediate thing we think about, when one says Teachers Day, is about their own Primary School Teachers, the teachers who taught them in their higher classes and their college teachers, predominantly. But my intention is we need to think about anybody & everybody who TAUGHT us, irrespective of either in the schools or colleges, or even in our work places, our Driving teachers, and many more such people who made a difference by teaching us something.

That’s why i’ve put up a Tutorial School’s banner here. Those who’ve used their services and got moved on in life will think about them more affectionately, because they helped them overcome board exams and graduate when the main stream school couldn’t help them with it or they themselves couldn’t read from a normal school.

2 comments on “Teaching”

  1. I have seen this sign quite a few years ago. If they are still in business, then they must to doing something right.


  2. Seeman (HQ) @ T.Nagar played a critical role in my life.
    Hope Seeman and Madam Jayanthi doing the business and lighting the knowledge candle still in many lives…

    All the very best and nice capture too!!!


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