Krishna & his Gopi’s

Though we have different styles of architecture practiced these days on many households, we still have quite a few old homes that retain the style that prevailed in those years.

There were always a mix of the Anglo Saxon style, the burmese influence, the native motif’s. But to see them well maintained is a pleasure and such symbols of Lord Krishna in them is even more a reason to watch them.

5 comments on “Krishna & his Gopi’s”

  1. that’s quite a unique balustrade… ^-^

    Ram : Yes, i loved the hand-railing …. Thanks Manila.


  2. wow, that’s a nice find. some of these old (really old) houses are worth preserving. I sometimes think , or rather dream, about building one based on old style.


  3. Beautiful capture.

    Just now we are discussing about the Krishna Jayanthi to be celebrated by us tomorrow and here I see Lord Krishna with his Gopikas.


  4. It’s good that such old structure is still well-maintained. It’s a legacy for the new generations.


  5. Beautiful concept. I all things indians are comming back into fashion in india. I found similar concepts for krishna Paintings . check it out


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