People, Week 16

This person (Ezhumalai) has been running his cycle rickshaw for about 15 years and was resting in front of the Ripon Building. Didn’t offer much info, but when requested for a photo to be taken, accepted immediately.

Loved his pose … didn’t change his pose when i clicked him too.

P.s : Answer for the quiz : Lawley Seematti Wellingdon Nurses Hostel, Opp Egmore Museum. (Closest to the right answer is Sathya. )

2 comments on “People, Week 16”

  1. I didn’t get to ride in a person pedaled rickshaw in March! Next time! I wonder how many kilometers he’s pedaled?!


  2. […] is the world class view from the Open-to-air Cycle rickshaws, still present, in the city. You are the king (or the Queen) of the road while you are driven on this vehicle. And you are at the most comfortable pace (of […]


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