Band Box

… is one of the oldest Dry Cleaners & Dyers in the city. The Silk Sarees, Chiffons, Ties etc are mandatory better of by dry cleaning them and not washing them in water.

Seen at Mint Street.

Have you been to a Dry cleaner off late?

4 comments on “Band Box”

  1. The patina on that sign really speaks of their longevity and reputation.

    Great to see another cleaner who’s been around so long, and is clearly a trusted name in the business!

    Ram : All the best to you too 🙂


  2. Bandbox was a big brand! We also had one at the corner of our house in the 1970s.

    Is that guy using an unused big band drum for collecting clothes? 🙂

    Ram : Or is he washing them in the Box? 😉


  3. dry cleaners come in handy specially if you need your precious clothes to get cleaned very fast ,,’



    Ram : Good to know that Nazeer. All the best for continuing this business for many more years


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