Todays rate ….

…. live and reporting from the streets of Chennai.

The current rates of the Mutton & Chicken.

From Bazaar Road, Mylapore.

P.s. : Useful info? 😉


10 comments on “Todays rate ….”

  1. Well chicken I like also 🙂

    Ram : One Kg for you too …. 🙂


  2. Ram,

    I am back. Reporting from Kuwait – that this information is not useful for me as நான் – வெஜிடேரியன்

    Ram : But you can always treat people to such delicacies .. right?


  3. I want farm rate for chickhen


  4. my name abbas ali from rajasthan india plz tell me rate of meat (muttan) in chennai


  5. 430rs per kg in chennai (Fish & fresh mart)


  6. Lz tell me dely chennai live chicken muttun rate


  7. Send daily rate


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