Mini – Giant Wheel

Should i call this Giant Wheel or Chennai Eye in the lines of a London Eye?

These small / friendly neighbourhood Giant Wheels are very famous among the school kids and are normally seen closer to schools at the school leaving times.

Found this again near St Raphael School near Santhome.

3 comments on “Mini – Giant Wheel”

  1. I’ve seen small ferris wheels, but never one this tiny! I imagine only very small — and light — children can fit in those boxes or ride in them safely. They’re just turned by hand?


  2. 🙂

    I have the pleasure of experiencing this.

    ‘Eye of School’.


  3. Ram,

    These surely are “giant” like for small children.

    I observe there are no seats or boxes for children to sit? Do they go merry round standing?

    Ram: Sathya, there are boxes for kids to sit … change your glasses 🙂


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