Save More

Some lovely melon shaped Piggy (!?) Banks seen on the streets … these made of clay / sand are to save coins and some occasional notes. Has only one way to take the money out, that is just break them to retrieve the money, no other way.

Seen them near Sanskrit College, Mylapore.

4 comments on “Save More”

  1. Oh, so now they color them as well ? I am so used to the clay color that I thought these are plastic ones !

    Ram: Hmm the art of colours and pigmentation …..


  2. very nice pic.. reminds me my childhood..

    Ram: I’m glad for the nostalgia …. 🙂


  3. தென்பழனி திருப்பதிக்கும்
    ஸ்ரீரங்கம் போவதற்கும்
    சில்லரையை போட்டு வைப்பார் தேதி ஒண்ணிலே
    அன்புடனே போட்டு வைத்த
    உண்டியல் வாயை கொஞ்சம்
    அகலமாக்கியே பார்ப்பார் இருபத்தொண்ணிலே

    Ram: NSK’s best ….


  4. […] Multi Coloured Piggy Banks on sale at the Platforms of Mylapore Mada Street. Do you want a melon shaped one instead of these Pumpkin shaped Banks? Check here –> Link. […]


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