…. as if it was lost !!!

These Bloopers always have a special mention in DailyPhoto Chennai.
So please search for my Identi !!! in these goof-ups.

At a Photocopying shop in the city of Mylapore 😉

2 comments on “I found ENGLISH”

  1. Ha Ha Ha………….
    you made my day…………. errrr.. I meant evening. 😛

    Ram: He hee …. Good Good


  2. XEROX must use this in their advertisements 🙂 to show photocopying is synonymous with XEROX which has become a verb. XEROX it, I am XEROXing it, we XEROXed and sent :).

    In Kuwait, our group deals in Minolta, Sharp and OKI brand photocopiers. In one of the managers’ meeting where the directors also were present, one very senior manager referred that division as “our XEROX division” and bit his tongue 🙂

    Ram: Generic terms…. like Dalda and the rest


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