Sweet Tooth or Sweet Mouth?

Ramakrishna Ramkrishna Bhavan sweets is one of the older sweet shops in the city of Chennai. My fond memories of their products are when my father used to get their sweet boxes for Ayudha Pooja celebrations from his Factory.

Also the Central Business District was in Parry’s Corner till a few years back and now moved away from this Chennai 600001. This is also a reason for many not going all the way to Parry’s from their suburb homes to buy sweets.


2 comments on “Sweet Tooth or Sweet Mouth?”

  1. Ram,

    There is a typo in your short commentary (should be RaMkrishna, instead of RamAkrishna).

    Leaving that aside, I also have enjoyed sweets from this shop before I became a diabetic.

    So, besides the distance, many people being afflicted by diabetes could be one reason 🙂

    However, I still think that this sweet shop must be doing good business even now as there are so many businesses still functioning from Parry’s.

    Ram: Typo Changed Saar, yes there are still a few HO’s / Offices in Parrys … but the CBD has lost on the footfall these days Sathya …


  2. I love sweets. I had a lot of chocolate over the holiday.

    Ram: 😀


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