We miss you

I’m not going to beat the same tune, about how it affects the environment, on how it effects the imbalance of Nature etc. when we cut the tree’s or kill the nature for our own gains. But its for every one of us to do more than our bit (as many pour water instead of milk) to the Nature and stop people from culling the trees, stopping the nature from living & thereby help ourselves for a better earth.

Feb 1st being the Theme day at CityDailyPhoto, and WOOD being the theme, i’ve resolved to do more to the Nature than just writing this Post in this Blog. Will post about my completed activities soon here.

Check the WOOD from other Participants.


4 comments on “We miss you”

  1. I share your sentiment and spirit from half way round the world!


  2. very thoughtful post. happy theme day


  3. Good for you. Everybody should be doing that!


  4. Feeling sad for the tree.. hope somewhere someone has planted a sibling to compensate for this loss

    Ram : hmm .. yes …


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