Your next Soup or Fry or a Pizza …

… will have one of these Broiler chickens in it. These chicken are being transported for getting culled at the local butcher’s shop. The intake of these are high during the weekends, especially they find their way to the feasts of the neighbourhood.

One such scene at Vellala Street, Purasawalakam.

4 comments on “Your next Soup or Fry or a Pizza …”

  1. A fun and interesting photo! I wonder if they are clucking and making a lot of noise?

    Ram : They do make quite some noise ….


  2. Nice Chicken

    Ram: Probably tasty too …


  3. so sad, dear chicks…here after i will try to you eat less…


  4. A very good “streetlife” photo!

    Ram: Thankyou …


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