Gangadeeswarar & Pankajakshi

Gangadeeswarar and Pankajakshi temple is in Gangadeeswarar Koil Street, Purasawalkam. Its about 2000 years old. The legend is it was the place directed by a voice (அசிரீரி) to King Baheeradhan to place the 1008th linga to cure a curse and worship Lord Shiva. It was a spot sung by Sundarar in Thevaram. And the temple well is supposed to never dry up at all.

11 comments on “Gangadeeswarar & Pankajakshi”

  1. Greetings
    Namaskaram to GK Koil, a great auspicious,holy Landmark–in Madras on PH rd.

    I have missed our the Purasai Tree–can ypu please post a photograph with details —
    Am unable to locate the Purasai Tree–Thank you Sir, in advance.

    AT that time I accepted Bilwa (Vilwam) –at entrance as the Sthala Vriksham–

    I study Trees, have planted many in my residential area– now in Greenways Lane , RA Puram and also write on the temple Sthala Vrikshams—
    Blog at
    As Airtel -Google link stopped have not posted new ones for some time —

    The Bilwa tree at Shree Gangadeeshwar temple is a special variety has -larger bilwa fruit and fine leaves (trifoliate). This is seen near entrance itself -near reception seva counter. the Trifoliate Leaf is special to Lord Shiva of Tri-kaal and is used in all Shiva Poojas esp. Bilwa Archana with Bilwa stotram –
    “Eka Bilwa Shiva Arpana”

    NOTE–I also lived on PH Rd from 1951, nearby in what was called Lakshman (Gramani) street) -a dead end street of PH rd. and is adjacent to Abirami street.

    For us Gangadareshwar Koil was a special point and the Tank with lotus growing there; a real landmark as we walked past to on the way to school till1961 and even later till about 1968 . MY wife i fact lived on GK Srreet and the house building is still there (old but still occupied by new Tenants) —
    With Respects
    Capt TR (Retd )


  2. Dear Capt TR,

    I have been fervently looking for a Bilva sapling to plant in my home. I am well aware of its greatness, both in worship and medicine. However, it is extremely rare to find Bilva trees in Singapore. Nurseries don’t have them. I used to have one in my garden, precious little plant but it was constantly plagued by caterpillars. As the plant has divine properties and seen as the Trinity’s embodiment I restrained myself from using pesticide. It came to a point that there were hardly any leaves left, it was then that I decided to use a pesticide. I used it once and my tree died thereafter. 😦

    Its been two years since and I have been asking around from everyone I know to help me source for one. I am hoping on this trip, I will be blessed to find one. I wonder if the local nurseries in Chennai would have bilva plants? Any idea?

    I am definitely going to see lord shiva at purasai and see if he blesses me with one. 🙂



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