Drinking water

In the olden Madras, people have always kept pots of waters outside their homes for passers-by to help themselves from onslaught of thirst. The thinnai’s in their homes were always handy for such service. Also this photo tells us that apart from Tamil, even Telugu was quite common in the erstwhile Madras, and is used here to convey “Drinking Water” (i presume).

What does the picture depict, one needs to drown inside a well to have water?


3 comments on “Drinking water”

  1. Nice picture, Ram. Yes, the Telugu wordings mean “Drinking Water”. I am not sure if this tradition continues in urban India today.

    Ram : Thanks for the confirmation, Ronen.


  2. Good one. Is it in north Madras?

    Ram : No Revathi, its at Triplicane, Thalayari Street.


  3. Well, in those days the water must have come from wells and not supplied in Bisleri cans.

    Apart from indicating how rare the wells have become to almost being extinct, it also speaks about the values in those days ( caring for the wayfarer’s thirst, for example)


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