A friendly volleyball game in progress inside the Hindu High School premises. One of the Rajasthan youth associations and its members play their weekend game in the premises of the school.

Any such game has a stock of responses in their Post-game meetings and many incidents of wins, friendly cheats are spoken about with gusto in those.

4 comments on “Volley”

  1. Looks like a fun game of volleyball inside a courtyard with some history!


  2. I have played several matches in this ground between 1978 and 1980. Thanks for publishing this photo as i was able to go down the memory lane……….


  3. Even i have played many tennis ball cricket here on sundays.our group will have grand lunch in the near box arasu mess after the match.will those days come again? hmmmm………..


  4. What I observe is the color of the building to the left of the guy hitting the ball.

    That used to be yellow and was referred by us as Yellow Building. They have painted that also saffron now.

    I must mention here that it was all fun, friendship, discipline and great education in The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Triplicane and no Chidambaram can say this Safrron building related to any kind of terror.

    The only terrorism was from the Maths Teachers!


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