How one pushes their vehicle to its extreme can be seen here. He’s a launderer and carrying the towels for cleaning. I’m sure he knows how to brake, accelerate and avoid potholes.

Spotted at Harrington road, Chetpet.

One comment on “Brink”

  1. If you send this photo to the Scooter company they can probably use the tagline “the vehicle that carries more weight”.

    Even though the guy has kept a big load on the backseat, the real challenge for him would be, as you rightly said, negotiating the innumerable number of potholes in the roads.

    This time, I was cursed to drive on Chennai roads and could not imagine how much tolerant our Chennai citizens are.

    There is no road, except the beach road stretch from Anna Sq. to Light House, that is without multiple potholes.


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