Come, relax

One more form of the “thinnai” aka the Seat. Found at Veteran Lines, Pallavaram.
Love the house name, Suffolk Lodge.


2 comments on “Come, relax”

  1. This Has Been Our Family Home (I am The Third Generation) It has seen 4 Generations and this “thinnai” aka Seat was the favourite place in the whole house to my Grandfather (Late Mr.C J Soans) my Granmother (The Lady With Silkwhite Hair – Late Mrs.Gladys Soans) who also loved sitting here and talking to a lot of people …… To My Father and His Brothers & Sisters and Me and a lot of My family members and friends. I was Told By my Grandmother once “You are Just Like Your Grandfather ….He used to love to sit by himself and relax here all by himself” I never got to know since he died i was just a baby but i am named after him …………….. Definetly a load of Sweet Memories…………..

    Ram : Thanks Soans, I’m happy the pic gave you a load of sweet memories … 🙂


  2. […] Lodge, the house at Veteran Lines Pallavaram retains the old world charm, check out its Thinnai. The house has a celebrity musician living there, Paul Jacob. “All other areas that had once […]


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