get set to leave the class

… how many times we were longing for the school attender to ring this metal piece a bit early so we could leave home early and play on the streets. Nostalgic piece of metal … not even gold.

Seen @ St George’s School, Poonamalle High Road.


2 comments on “get set to leave the class”

  1. In my school this was hung in the corridor visible from the Headmistress’ room, before the big sized electric buzzers were installed.
    A smaller iron-rod is usually found in the bottom hole. Guess it’s missing here..How many times I have resisted the temptation to ring it, whenever I crossed the corridor…Ah….nostalgic, indeed.

    Ram: the iron rod was found closeby .. but didn’t fit in the frame …. its sure very nostalgic till our generation …


  2. I follow your Daily photos, since a year. It brings the memories of my living in Madras in the seventies and eighties.
    This one reminded of my School at St.Thomas mount. Especially the huge pillar. Thanks for posting snaps of unthoughtful subjects. I will be looking more from Nandambakkam/ Adambakkam/ St.Thomas mount Poonamalle/ Guindy / Alandur areas that I am more familiar with.

    Ram: Thanks Ravi, Will sure try and capture more from geographies you mentioned in the weeks to come …


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