Pattinathar & His Samadhi

Pattinathar (alias Thiruvenkadar)’s samadhi temple in the Ennore Expressway, Thiruvotriyur. This is the renovated place, after quite a struggle with the neighbourhood. To know his story go here.

Very well maintained and one can see the legendary sugarcane planted there, this is were he attained moksha when the bottom-most part of the cane was sweet for him.

2 comments on “Pattinathar & His Samadhi”

  1. Can you please directions to get to this place through Bus. Thank you.


  2. […] This place has a link with the Nagarathar Community (aka Chettiars) because of the proximity to Pattinathar Samadhi, most of the cremations / last rites happen next […]


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