Facade, Colour & Your Choice

…. an old mansion home @ Linghi Chetty Street.

Pls let your imagination run and find what colour this house would be painted with. Answer on 3rd March.



6 comments on “Facade, Colour & Your Choice”

  1. Green, Yellow and Red are the primary colors. Apart from white & black
    Wooden Parts- Green
    Plain Brick Work – Yellow or White
    Shaded Brick work & Pillars – Red with or without white
    Grill Rods – Black


  2. I guess it could be anything from the pink to the blue to the green… looking forward to the answer


  3. My guess about this particular building is that it is dominated by one color, including the doors and windows and the walls.

    The walls are definitely not yellow or white. possibly pink or blue.

    keeping my fingers crossed.


  4. Ok…. What exactly is the color scheme here …?


  5. GS … Wins


  6. Thats cool! 🙂


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