Kamala …

…. not sure why its called “kamala orange” in tamil. This fruit’s seasons on @ Koyambedu.

4 comments on “Kamala …”

  1. Great question..
    Kamala derives from Kamal meaning Lotus.
    Traditionally an intense yellow natural colorant is obtained from fine powdered resin collected from the hairs of the fruit from a lotus tree. And its technically called ‘Resina Kamala’ even today!

    I think now I see the connection!

    Ram : Thanks GS for the direction to look for….


  2. Also, a more direct reasoning…I am now looking at images of lotus flower.. Never really looked inside.. and surprised to note the color of the inside.


  3. Oh my, fresh fruit! Sometimes I miss that, and of course, dosa.

    Ram : Looks like someone is lipsmacking 🙂


  4. Nice. But it looks a little far fetched, in my opinion. Orange is Kamala pandu in Telugu. So a variety of orange coming from
    Andhra Pradesh might have been named Kamala pazham just like Banganapalli (mango). But how Kamala came into Telugu, your explanation is apt. I was told by someone recently that there are many dye (colour) making units in Andhra.

    Ram : Pramadham ….


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