Home to 670 Students

… the Ramakrishna Mission Students Home that accommodates about 670 students for their High School & Polytechnic College for free.

Read about them :
With Swami Ramakrishnananda’s (Disciple of Swami Vivekananda) blessings and at his behest Sri C.Ramaswami Iyengar, an ardent devotee of the Swami started the Home on the 17 February 1905 with 5 orphan boys in a small building in Mylapore, given free of rent by Dr. M.C.Nanjunda Rao. It was shifted afterwards from one rented building to another to accommodate more and more boys.

In 1916, Sri S.G.Srinivasachariar made a generous gift of a valuable building site of 15 grounds in Mylapore to the Home. Later, the adjoining piece of 11 grounds was acquired. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the indefatigable Sri C. Ramasamy Iyengar a plan was made to construct a massive building on this land.

Swami Brahmananda, another direct disciple and the spiritual son of Sri Ramakrishna, laid the foundation stone for this building on 10 May 1917, Vaisaka Pournami, the birthday of Lord Buddha and he himself inaugurated the new building on Akshya Tritiya day 10 May 1921.

(Answer to yesterday’s quiz : Nandambakkam, the street opp Chennai Trade Centre.)

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