Two wheels

The Bike – Rajdoot, fondly called RD is seen here in Venkatesan Street, Pudupet.

Rajdoot was one of the best bike in Indian market who suit Indian roads and condition. High purchase price, relatively high fuel consumption and poor availability of expensive spare parts are the few factor to made Rajdoot unsuccessful.

Theme Day posts across the world could be viewed here -> LINK [Though the themeday was on BICYCLE, i took the Poetic Liberty to choose another two wheels]


4 comments on “Two wheels”

  1. a fine photo of an interesting bike!

    Namaste /\


  2. Although the theme was Bicycle, you have a bicycle. Just a motorised one, insteadof foot power.


  3. Looks like you might need your feed to hold it up and maybe to push start it.


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