Agaya Thamarai

Water Hyacinth ‘Eichhornia crassipes, aka Agaya thamarai on the Beasant nagar shore/beach.

Waterhyacinth is the native of Amazon, introduced into the river Hoogly, in India by the Queen Victoria when she visited Calcutta during the British rule. This exotic plant doubles in 10 days and we are now witnessing large, floating mats of waterhyacinth in every ponds and rivers, obstructing navigation, clogging irrigation channels and most importantly acts as mosquito breeding ground.

One comment on “Agaya Thamarai”

  1. […] Korattur Eri, now having a small portion covered with the Hyacinth menace, after it was cleared earlier. Hopefully this also is cleared. Read more about this plant here -> LINK. […]


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