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11 comments on “My Avatars”

  1. Nice Blog. I have been looking for the Varalaaru of the Karur Temple and Lord Pashupatheeswarar. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I also want to know all about Tyagaraja Swami who has been sung about in the Varnam “Roopamu Joochi”. Thank you for an early reply. Vanakkam.

    Ram: Thanks Sudha, will pass your request to someone who has similar interests.


  2. super photos uh? no no different photos really gud(amazing,perfect……)

    Ram: Thanks Lakshmi ….


  3. My Fav.Chilli bajjiessssssss thank U
    often i wander ther for hot bajjiz


  4. A trip. Accidentally happen to see ur blog. But from then, everytime I miss Chennai, I come and see all your pics. Its just been few days and the counts for the number of times I visited is N.


  5. we are lead manufature of vibuthi produts in best qulity , we are exporter of vibuthi world wide ….



  6. your blog is really nice , i love it visit it

    Ram : Thanks TS … Keep them coming 🙂


  7. Hi Ram,

    I have started a blog

    Please visit my blog..

    Ram : Like the TP Talks, blogrolling you here … and pls add the URL henceforth when commenting too. (BTW mention and not otherwise 🙂


  8. hi.. I was just wondering…The other day I saw this old office of “The Mail” next to the Kasturi Buildings in Mount road..Is it still functional coz the date on the building is around the independence period..Could u please throw light into that?

    Ram : Have a picture of same, will throw more light soon.


  9. chanced on this blog… loved it… refreshes all memories of my 20
    years in chennai

    Ram: Thanks. Visited your site and it was / is superb with amazing songs of yesteryears with video & lyrics … Good work …


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