Park without trees…

A new theme park, actually an erstwhile college converted to a theme park full of rides. Seen @ Sriperumbudur Highway near Thirumazhisai.


4 comments on “Park without trees…”

  1. Which college was converted to this theme park?

    Ram : Vivek, answer in the next comment, courtesy Vandysnape


  2. I have been seeing the construction work of this park right from its scratch (as I pass by the place daily ). They turned the main building of the college to make that upturned entrance structure ..I must say we were all intrigued by what they were actually trying to build until we saw the final product ..

    Ram : Was the final product to your liking?


  3. Ummm I’m afraid not 🙂 🙂 They overdid it ..:)

    Ram : 😦


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