P James & his magic

Most of the Chennai’ites this wall graffiti is very familiar site. I was actually amazed by the reach this man had when it comes to wall graffiti’s across the city. I had the opportunity once, a couple of months back to actually see the man in action.

It was an anti-climax, the magician whom i saw was a real poor guy, without even a chappal, carrying a large bag containing his magic wares and in tow couple of kids. But the enthusiasm in which he was doing the magic was very good and did perform quite a few tricks for the kids (it was during a painting contest held at JGVV School, Annanagar).

3 comments on “P James & his magic”

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  3. […] P James & his magic shows are not visible these days. This wall painting @ Smith Road, off Anna Salai. […]


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