Fresh, But reliable?

Reliance Fresh (c)

The retail format stores in Fresh groceries and vegetables are here to stay i guess. Reliance Fresh, Subhiksha (now almost extinct), More are of these day genre, but the earliest to this in the city was Maxworth Green Orchards (from the Sterling Resorts group).
But can these compete with the neigbourhood fresh veg stalls? years to go …..


One comment on “Fresh, But reliable?”

  1. My guess is that they will both co-exist.

    It is like the neighborhood provision stores which were threatened by Subiksha stores (about which I had written an article at my site two month’s back). Ultimately those stores survived and Subiksha has gone down.

    None can beat the speed and convenience of a street side vegetable vendor. The deep freezer kept vegetables can never be an alternative to the fresh ones you get from the neighborhood vendor is my opinion.


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