Knock out


… thats what this truck is planning to do on the roads of Chennai. As all know the trucks are expected to carry the appropriate load & bulk in the city and are prohibited during peak hours to ply in the city roads.

Hmmm …. i just wish the traffic cops are even stricter.

5 comments on “Knock out”

  1. Wow – stay back – far back! I’d be nervous behind that guy. Great snap.

    Ram: Many would be nervous behind him … 😀


  2. I don’t think I’d want to drive too close to this truck – how often do these big bundles of whatever come tumbling down? Yikes!

    Ram: Don’t even imagine ….


  3. There should be a “people’s movement” to stop these vehicles and punish them. These reckless drivers kill several people on daily basis because of the overloading of vehicles – particularly the trucks. The other vehicle riders on road should stop such vehicles and get the cops to swing into action.

    Ram: Very True



    Ram: Veryyyy Philosophical ji …..


  5. How the traffic police do not catch these guys?

    Probably they catch them and leave them after taking some bribe (as shown in the movie Indian).

    Ram: This was shot at the Doveton Flyover …. so your guess is as good as mine


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